Simple Throw'em-Together noodles

I was starving. With limited time and limited items on my kitchen shelf, I threw together an easy lunch for myself - inspired by my curly Italian other half's ability to throw a pasta dish together and my mother's Taiwanese pallet, this was the result. 


We're also a bit povo after a three months' travel. So there was no room for trimmings. 

You can find these ingredients pretty easily in any Asian market....although, you should already have these if you are a true observer of the Asian kitchen.  

Sauces that are always in my pantry

Sauces that are always in my pantry


Here is how you throw it all together......

First bring a pot of water to boil with a table spoon of salt in the water. This will give the noodles a basic saltiness as it absorbs the water through cooking - I used ribbon edge noodles this time. But you can use any good quality noodles or soba- once boiling, throw in your noodles and turn down the heat so it doesn't overflow. While your noodle are cooking,.. an empty wide bowl, throw in all your sauces and herbs. 

Make sure your noodles are al dente, which means 1 minute less than the recommended time on your packaging. Transfer the noodles into the bowl and take some of the water with you making it moist (it's a bit sexy here). Give it a good mix without breaking the noodles. 

Best chaser :: a good Jasmin tea   



I tucked in too quick. This was the other half, finished in a second after the shoot.  

I tucked in too quick. This was the other half, finished in a second after the shoot.  

Ingredients :: In order from left to right and top to bottom of the picture >>>  

[ 1 person serving ]

  1/2 tsp Pure dark sesame oil

  2 tsp Japanese soya sauce (I only use Japanese brands)

  1 tsp Chilli oil sauce or chilli paste (find a brand that you like)

  2.5 tsp Bull's Head (Taiwanese) BBQ sauce

  Sprig of Spring Onions, finely chopped

  Sprig of Coriander including the stem, finely chopped

  1/2 tsp White pepper powder